President’s Letter

To my fellow alumnus,
I hope this newsletter finds you well as we begin our transition into summer! This past year has also marked many transitions on the board with the role changes of
the president, vice president and secretary, along with the gain of new members and the resignation of veteran board members. In addition to these changes, we have been working on making adjustments within the MCPTAA to keep up with the times and to fulfill our purpose: To provide assistance and opportunities to the current physical therapy students but to also keep our alumni informed of the latest school developments and to provide annual continuing education opportunities. In light of all these changes and developments, we are not without our challenges. To provide full transparency, the MCPTAA for the last several years, has seen a decline in alumni membership and we’ve have seen a drop in our funds to provide for student scholarships and activities. What this means to me is that there are avenues that we, the board, have not yet mastered or explored which can be of value to our members. I believe, however, that we are making strides to providing this value but we know that progress can always be made.

As you read through this newsletter, I hope you are able to appreciate the tremendous talent, knowledge and dedication that the therapy students and faculty possess. Know that each one of these students and faculty members have somehow directly or indirectly benefited from your support of the MCPTAA. The MCPTAA and the Mayo Clinic Physical Therapy Program are, in part a success from the support that you give and we have you to thank. Please consider to remain an active member to the MCPTAA so we in turn can help our students and the program. Reading through this newsletter you will see how you can contribute. Never hesitate to ask questions to anyone on the board and feel free to provide comments or suggestions on how we can better the MCPTAA. Thank you for all of your support and for the opportunity to serve!

Adam Carlson, PT, DPT
Class of 2011